Sleep Deprived People Eat 300 More Calories A Day.

As I write this, my eyelids are weighing heavy. My mouth opens and shuts in colossal yawns. My brain fumbles to piece words together.

And my throat swallows down the chocolate I’m shovelling into it.

People eat more (and worse quality) food when they’re tired. Its been scientifically proven, unfortunately. In fact, they eat almost 300 calories more a day.

Researchers at Columbia University looked into this, recruiting 26 normal weight men and women into a sleep lab where they controlled the amount of sleep each group consumed. For the final two days of the experiment, the participants were allowed to eat as much (or as little) as they liked.

Results found that participants consumed an average of 296 calories more when they were sleep deprived. This difference was more pronounced in the female participants than in the male participants, with results showing 329 vs 263 more calories intake.

Theres no such thing as “mind over matter” when you are exhausted.

Related to this is the fact that cooking, when tired, seems about as difficult as climbing Mount Everest. That McDonalds you’re walking past seems surprisingly easy (and worth it) in comparison.

There are, of course alternatives. Such as The Pure Package, a gourmet food delivery service in London.

Based on the portion control ideology it delivers freshly prepared, healthy food to your doorstep for a mind boggling £400 pounds per 10 days.

I think I’ll stick to my McDonalds and my attempts to get at least seven hours of sleep per night.

On that note, I think its past our bedtime folks.