Rihanna and Chris Brown: The price of fame.

“Everyone deserves a second chance, BUT Celebs like it or not have an extra responsibility as role models” tweeted a friend of mine earlier.

The story of Rihanna and Chris Brown is a pretty infamous one. They were loved up. He beat her up, badly, en route to the Grammys. They broke up. The world imploded and exploded and fists were furiously shaken in outrage.

They tweeted. They flirted. They featured on each others singles. Chris Broke up with Karrueche. And now rumours abound that they are back together.

“Young girls (and big women even) will look at that and be like “SEE, sometimes u gotta ‘llow ur abusive boyfriend.” – ie forgive him – tweeted that same friend of mine.

And it got me thinking. How many women (and men) forgive those they shouldn’t time and time again. And how is it fair that others, just because they are in the limelight don’t get that opportunity.

What I am saying, is it’s kind of unfair that as a celebrity, or a person in the news – you have to take into account all the thousands and sometimes millions of people that look upon your actions as a guide to choosing their own.

Amidst the Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole drama that arose late last year, Cheryl announced that had it not been for the world she would have gotten back with him earlier.

My point is – if the average human being is allowed to be stupid and get back into unhealthy relationships, why can’t celebrities?

No one is perfect and it is absurd that we have placed these people who are ordinary human beings upon pinnacles, waiting for them to tell us what is right and what is wrong. It’s unfair in fact that we expect them to behave in all the ways that we ourselves cannot. And are shocked when they fall short of expectation. Or overdose and die.

In the light of Whitney’s Houston’s tragic passing this same issue arises – is the price of fame too much?

“Even on the most exalted throne in the world we are only sitting on our own bottom.” – Michel de Montaigne


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