Why Facebook Has Got Us Trapped

Interesting how while writing a post on storytelling (read it here) and how technology the likes of Facebook and Twitter have facilitated it, in turn making us feel important, and safe, and worthy of being listened to – I was proved wrong.

Interesting how we flock to these technologies, searching long lost friends, assimilating photo’s “That would make an amazing profile picture!” carefully uploading albums, lovingly writing on each others wall. All to find out that it’s not yours. It’s theirs. And you are the bitch.

That’s not to say I wasn’t fooled too. It’s also not to say that I will be logging off, tuning out or making myself scarce – because to do so, they win. And you lose. Why? Because you need them.

Take for example this post. Where will I put it? Facebook and Twitter. Where will I get the most views from? Facebook users. What happens if I delete that medium? Less people read this.

I need them to read it.

Facebook knows that.

Take for example that message you need to send en masse to a big group of people. Sure, you could email them but facebook is faster. It’s easier.

Facebook knows that.

Take for example those friends you haven’ seen in years, the ones who live continents away. What’s the easiest, quickest, cheapest, most efficient way to keep in touch with them?

Facebook knows that.

It gave us something we didn’t want or need. And made us wholeheartedly believe that we were seriously missing out without it. And now, without it, we are.

And so it’s no biggie for them to change features on the site. Sure, we complain… but do we leave? No.

And so they change Timeline features so every single detail of our lives – even those that no longer apply and can no longer be attributed to us or any aspect of our current lives – are easy to reach. Click a button and it’s all there.

“What are you going to do about it?” It taunts.

The answer? What they already knew…



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