What kind of world is this?

I like to write about what I know. What I understand.

I don’t really know about politics, or murder, or genocide, or hatred – but sometimes it appears in your face and regardless of our Western disposition to turn a blind eye, you just can’t anymore.

I don’t really know about why or when or who. All I know is its endless, and most of the time we don’t even know. “They don’t give a shit about you” said the white man to the black in ‘Hotel Rwanda’ – which I just watched, and which just broke my heart.

“They don’t give a shit.” And for all the amount of times I’ve stomped my foot and said things like ‘America should leave Iraq alone, it’s not their business,’ for all the times I’ve said they use these grievances to their own advantage and should therefore not involve themselves — who am I with my first world pains and my complete denial about real problems to say these countries should deal with these things all on their own.

Like I said, I like to write about what I know. What I understand. From that you can gauge that I’m not schooled in such matters. I don’t tend to have opinions, I prefer to shut my eyes – because they bleed when I look.

But I am a human being and as such I understand from a humanitarian level. I am schooled in matters of pain, and life, and death.

I have no conclusions, no solutions. Only a mind that is spinning round and round on itself trying to understand why we do these things to each other. Where is the God that stops us? “He gave us free will,” I was told, when watching the screen through the gaps in my fingers. “How many hands do we have?” “Two,” I said. “What are they?”

“Left and right.”

But what makes us take the right from the left? What makes us turn down that road and into the despair that so often envelops it.

The Jews, The Armenians, The Ukranians, The Cambodians – and of course, what brought me to this – those from Rwanda.

Why is there so much hate? More than 170 million people have lost their lives through genocide and murder. Thats more than all the international wars of the twentieth century combined.

And yet it continues to happen. What spurs this hatred? How can we stop it. I wish I knew.


4 thoughts on “What kind of world is this?

  1. Intractable problems.

    It is the classic predicament: should I turn left, where nothing’s right; or should I turn right, where nothing’s left?

  2. I have been pondering this predicament for years… There was a genocide in Darfur not too long ago yet that’s never mentioned… there’s is a current genocide occurring in the southern parts of Northern Sudan and yet it takes George Clooney getting arrested for people to figure that out… There is civil war in Uganda and yet it takes a drunken idiot to create Kony 2012 for people to realize Uganda even exists… I’m still trying to figure it out too sweetheart… would def appreciate it if you told me once you discovered the answer

  3. Tribalism. We see it dressed up as post code wars, football hooliganism, politics, ipods, androids and my favorite manifestation, religion. It all boils down to my gang is better than yours, mix it with intolerance and power and the result is all the bullshit happening around the world. For all the progress and advancement its clear that one of primal forces that drives humanity is tribalism. As a wishful thinker i’m inclined to the belief that the goodness in our nature will eventually triumph. But how much more catastrophe will mankind endure, god knows

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