Gregory Porter – ‘Be Good’ | Album Review

Frank Sinatra and John Legend’s lovechild. That’s who I would compare Grammy nominated Gregory Porter to if I absolutely had to. That said, comparisons don’t do him justice. Having shot to fame with his debut album ‘Water’ in 2010, expectations for the follow up are high. But fans need not have worried.

With a timeless familiarity, Porters rich, soulful voice unleashes undeniably beautiful music – songs that would fare well on a theatrical stage; rich both in substance as well as in their ability to tell tales. This truth resonates particularly in ‘Painted On Canvas’, the albums opening number, where the earnest wistfulness of the track evades the speakers. His love for the jazz genre and his identification with it is evident in the extent to which the album is teaming with horn-heavy arrangements and soulful vocals. Exemplified in ‘On My Way To Harlem’, where the Californian-born New Yorker even goes so far as to name drop legend Duke Ellington, and sing: “You can’t keep me away from where I was born. I was baptized by the jazz mans horn.”

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