The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence | Mixtape Review

As if releasing three mixtapes in one year isn’t enough of an achievement, Abel Tesfaye – better known as The Weeknd – has managed to evolve as an artist throughout the process, leaving no doubt that each of the mixtapes will reveal fresh revelations and heart wrenching sounds. Seamlessly changing the standards and expectations of modern day R&B, The Weeknd manages to transmit a despondent, haunting feeling to listeners the world over.

Simultaneously giving the impression of having thoroughly ruined his life, the strength that emanates is just as strongly portrayed throughout the nine-track project, and in his song choices. The opening track of the album, for example, is a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” Once the initial shock of the surprise passes, it is undeniable that the Weeknd does MJ justice, introducing new elements to the song while all the while keeping it enough the same.

Click here to read the rest of the review as written for SoulCulture.


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