Give Arabs something to tick.

There are around 500,000 British Arabs living in the UK. So why is it I have nothing to tick?

It wasn’t until I brought it up in class the other day that I realised how strange it is that despite the fact that there are thousands of Arabs in the UK, there is no such classification. When explaining to a room full of journalists that there is no ‘arab’ on the sheer amount of forms that we as human beings are inundated with, they were shocked.

“So what do you do?” they asked… “What do you tick?”

“Well it depends on my mood” I replied. Its shocking actually. Sometimes I tick African, sometimes Asian, sometimes mixed race. It all depends on how tanned I am and what I’m feeling that day.

There are around 500,000 British Arabs… How can we have nothing to tick?!

This question is particularly pivotal considering how important ethnicity and belonging to somewhere, or something is. Living in a multi-cultural society it is important not to forget your roots and where you come from. Traditions and cultures that are handed down from generation to generation don’t go away, regardless of what colour your passport is.

And although perhaps we are all working towards a more united culture… It is as important to celebrate the differences as it is to celebrate the similarities.

So can you give me something to tick please.


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