“Put on your bras, shave your armpits and quit your bitching.” Has feminism gone too far?

A journalist was criticised recently for saying she enjoyed dressing up and cooking for her husband. She was accused of harrowing the efforts of feminists.

But has feminism gone too far? Of course the efforts of feminists must certainly be commended, without them we may very well still be in corsets, confined to the home, without jobs, or rights, or the belief that we deserve a life different to that shaped by the above facets.

Of course the efforts of feminists must be commended. And without saying that men and women have reached complete equality these days as, of course, we haven’t… has feminism gone too far?

Some argue that actually men are the ones who are unequal now. From the second a child emerges through their mothers legs and into the world, gender stereotypes are enforced upon them. ‘Oh, he has a penis, therefore lets teach him to be strong and aggressive.’ Women are also expected to behave a certain way. But it could be argued that women actually have a wider kaleidoscope of behaviours to choose from.

Take even just the way women dress for example. We’re allowed to choose between skirts, dresses, or TROUSERS. Have long, or medium or super short hair. We’re allowed to cry as often as we laugh. If a man were to wear a skirt or a dress… ya, just imagine how that would go down. Or take men who cry, or show emotion… they are ridiculed. Even Young Money signee Drake is called gay on a daily basis for releasing an album that displays emotion, rather than the pre-conception of what strength consists of.

So haven’t women surpassed men in some ways?

Some argue that feminism is no longer about equal rights, but about having special privileges for women. Does living in an equal society mean that the definitions of what a man is and what a woman is have to be completely altered?! Do women have to go out and change the tires of a car while men cook dinner and breast feed the children for society to be considered equal? Would you want to do that any way? Isn’t the fact that you can enough?

Women can retire at 60; men 65. Women get 8 weeks maternity; men only 2. Women get more money from court cases (especially divorce). Women – in some cases – are not expected to work. Women get priority in gaining custody of children after divorce. Males who are sexually/physically abused are not taken seriously in court. Female criminals serve less time in jail for equivalent crimes. Mother’s day is very important, but father’s day is virtually ignored. Much more support is given to female charities such as breast cancer than for male charities such as testicular cancer.

Of course to suggest that women are equal across all cultures and across all territories would be ridiculous. All you have to do is turn on the news or look to your next door neighbour to see the weight of inequality that still weighs heavily on some. But my argument is… what is wrong with dressing up for your husband or cooking him dinner? As long as you’re not being physically or verbally manipulated into it… get your sexiest underwear out, and chill out.


5 thoughts on ““Put on your bras, shave your armpits and quit your bitching.” Has feminism gone too far?

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