The Importance Of Being Quiet.

We are forever surrounded by flashing, vibrating phones, twitter feeds, facebook messages and pokes. We are unable to escape from voices and beeping horns and scribbled wishes.

So when, as part of my mothers 50th birthday present my dad suggested we take a family trip to a spa in the countryside, I jumped at the opportunity.

Despite taking my laptop, iPad, iPod and Blackberry, along with the various chargers and implements that go along with technology, mid-way through the drive I turned them all off, and told myself I would give myself a break from being constantly accessible.

I remember stories my parents used to tell me of the day before the mobile phone. People could only contact you on your house phone, and even then, only sometimes. If you were out, you were out; Enjoying the time you were spending with whoever it was at the time.

Now you can’t go five minutes without someone speaking to you. The influx of ways someone can contact you is, to put it simply, fucking draining. What happens if you just want be be alone with your thoughts and a good book?

So thats what I aspired to do. Wrapping myself up with my latest find ‘The Happiness Project’ (you will hear more of it in a later blog post) I gave myself up to the silence.

Horseback riding culminated in a massage, and a snuggly bed in a cottage by the fire, with this as a view.

Sounds wonderful.

The thing is, ‘life is what happens when you’re being busy making plans.’ Life also never works out the way you plan it to.

So now I’m still in the countryside. With my technology on. Some noise is better than others.


3 thoughts on “The Importance Of Being Quiet.

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you.

    I take a monthly trip up the hills, tranquil countrysides or station myself amid the denizens of a jungle, with a camera and my laptop. Click, write…soak in the tranquillity.

    Its a pleasure to rest awhile at your blog!

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