Don’t be a drag. Just be a queen.

Cambridge is a little town outside of London which houses one of the worlds most prestigious universities. To those who are not students of the university, that is likely to be pretty much all we know.

Drag Night.

But the town is also home to ‘Denim,’ Cambridge’s first, and only drag night. Masterminded by Iraqi born Amrou, or rather, Glamrou, the Lady Gaga fanatic, the night launched last year, and has returned to the stage this month to rave reviews.

Speaking to a Cambridge newspaper about his vision for the night, Amrou explains that Denim is different to most drag events because it isn’t a freak show nor aimed at a particular niche, rather the night is about inclusion and celebrating what makes us similar, as well as what makes us different.

An avid fan of Lady Gaga outfits are often very ‘Gaga-esque’ and the audience are invited to get dressed up and sing and dance along with the performers. “There’s a sense of equality” he stresses.

The ethos of Denim is reaching deep inside of you, and then putting whatever you find on show. Regardless of what this consists of, it is undoubtedly a positive message to portray. Particularly, perhaps, in a world where people are so often afraid to break the status-quo.

It takes courage to grow and become who you really are, and in succeeding in that Amrou, I applaud you.

Check out a video of the most recent performance.


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