Pizza is a vegetable, rules US Congress.

Anything green, or healthy, or that slightly varied from carbs was off limits to me approximately two years ago. I used to argue this with every fibre of my being; pizza is a vegetable. So are fries. They contain tomatoes and potatoes after all.

Thankfully a little older, and wiser now, I can recognize thats probably bending the truth quite a lot. If only the same could be said of the US Congress.

American lawmakers have recently ruled that the amount of tomato paste in pizza sauce means that pizzas can be counted as a vegetable.

The vote is thought to have happened for purely political reasons, in deciding the annual spending bill for the Department of Agriculture.

The bill had oversight over subsidized school meals and was seeking to restrict pizza, chips and starchy vegetables from the school menu in order to help combat childhood obesity.

After some debate, Congress voted that anything containing two tablespoons of tomato sauce can be labelled a vegetable.

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