80,000 Signatures for Kim Kardashian Boycott.

As evidenced in Rob Delaney‘s hilarious and accurate article in Vibe Magazine on his reasons behind wishing to sue Kim Kardashian, people aren’t really too happy about being strung along on her million-making ride, marrying and divorcing on a whim (for publicity [and money], he argues.)

A petition has since been launched to stop TV network E! Entertainment from broadcasting Kim Kardashian‘s series of reality TV shows. The petition has reached 80,000 signatures.

Thats one hell of a lot of angry fans!

In the words of Rob Delaney;

“Because when you wrap your marriage vows around a cubic zirconia encrusted baseball bat and beat us about the head and face with them, you can stay the fuck married for more than 20 minutes, you sexy monster.”


2 thoughts on “80,000 Signatures for Kim Kardashian Boycott.

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