Passenger | A new creative hub in London.

Creative hubs are nothing new, there are, after all, a multitude of nights that aim to celebrate creativity. But I’ve never seen anything like Passenger.

In its third month, Passenger is held at Home House, an exclusive members only club in Portman Square. The event aims to bring together fashion, art and music. The venue in itself is an amazing choice. With a feel of being truly at home the high ceilings, multiple rooms and comfortable seating puts you in your comfort zone to enjoy the diversity of talent the night has to offer.

Last monday saw a Kokon To Zai fashion show. One of the leading brands on the British fashion scene, the clothes were an eclectic mix of seemingly African-inspired styles. Ben Slow, an artist also took over a room in the upper-tiers of the venue where he was painting throughout the night.

The highlight of the night, for me, however were the live performances. Occurring in one of the many high ceilinged rooms, an array of comfortable sofas were cluttered around the room, drool-worthy food (available to order) being munched on. (If only I hadn’t had dinner.)

Following on from performances from Rokhsan and These Foreign Armies, Duke took the mic. Michael Jackson-esque in his style and fashion sense, he immediately commanded the attention of the room. Situated in just the right-middle of pop and meaning, Duke belts out tracks the likes of ‘Unstoppable You,’ clicking fingers, high pitched voice and squeezed-shut eyes portraying a whole lot of passion and emotion.

“If God is good to me I’ll have an album out next year. So you should hear a lot more from me.” He says, before making his way off the make-shift stage. I have no doubt God will be very good to this talented fella.

Check out a snippet of him below;


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