Transcending Time, Culture, Sports & Fashion – New Era.

The label reads, “New Era Cap Company Inc.™, the largest and fastest growing headwear manufacturer in the United States, has an 88-year-old tradition of creating quality products that transcend time, culture, sport and fashion.”

Ensuring and evidencing this at an exhibition held at the Old Shoreditch Underground Station in London last week, the night saw a multitude of art work designed by 90 of the most talented design graduates.

Proof that art comes in many different shapes and formats, the hats were genuinely awe-inducing, causing many (myself included) to gape wide eyed at the sheer extent of creativity that went into imagining them.

Lina Al-Amoudi won the £10,000 bursary for her winning design which was based on the tale of the Queen of Sheba;

But this one was my favourite;

(How predictable for a writer.)

Although the exhibition is now unfortunately over, you can get more information on it here.

How reassuring to know that creativity is an unstoppable force.


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