London Riots Brought to the Tricycle Theatre Stage.

The London Riots will be brought to London stages beginning November 17th. One of London’s renowned theatres is all set to stage a play about the London riots, in the wake of last summers wide spread UK unrest.

The Tricycle theatre, known for staging political plays is currently preparing for its production, The Riots, which was written by Gillian Slovo and directed by Nicholas Kent.

Kent, the soon to be retired artistic director spoke to the Guardian, revealing that as there has not (as of yet) been an official public inquiry into the causes behind the riots, the play would be mounting its own theatrical inquiry.

“We are not in a blame game here” he added, “What we are trying to do is to look for the lessons that can be learned into making a more equitable and harmonious society.” The Deputy Prime Minister’s Committee on Riots is, in fact, due to report three months after the show begins.

This pairing has already brought about the critically acclaimed ‘Guantanamo – Honour Bound To Defend Freedom’ which graced not only the Tricycle stage but went on to West End and New York, as well as the Houses of Parliament and Washington’s Capitol Hill.

Their latest collaboration is due to run from November 17th – December 10th and is based on a distillation of 40 hour long interviews with people that were directly affected by the London riots.

“Real-time Picture of the Riots”

The compilation, which was formed by Gilian Slovo will include varying data which ranges from tweets by taxi drivers to moment-by-moment accounts by riot police, building a real-time picture of the riots as they unfolded.

Analysing what happened and why it happened, the production will also feature interviews with politicians, police, teachers as well as victims and on-lookers, and even a rioter who will be speaking anonymously.

Although Kent has no plans to introduce rioting onto the Tricycle stage, speaking to the Guardian he reveals the production will undoubtedly be dramatic. “People have given us some extraordinary interviews” he elaborates, “they are completely compelling.”

Stay tuned for a review of the show.


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