We accept the love we think we deserve.

With domestic violence in the headlines once again, the issue rises to the forefront.

An issue often attributed to older or married couples, it is sometimes shocking for people to hear that in fact it happens at all ages. Aside from the murder of Casey Brittle which has recently found its way back into the news, abuse really does happen all the time.

Love is blind.

Abuse doesn’t only have to come in the form of bruised faces or broken bones, verbal abuse can be just as scarring. Imagine being told day in day out by the person you love the most, that you are useless, scum, incapable and undeserving. You begin to believe it after a while. Imagine being scared to go home, scared to leave, scared to take a wrong move or say a wrong word, in case its your last.

Victims of abuse are often too scared to speak up. Not only because they’re worried about what will happen to them if their partner finds out, but also because they’re worried that their partner will leave them. Yes, it sounds weird and f*cked up to those that have not been affected by it but, they love them. Often they’d rather be with them, then without them, regardless of what the consequences are.


Jennifer Lopez’s role in ‘Enough’ is what could and would happen in an idealistic world.

If only it was possible for all women (and men) who get abused to fight back, fight harder and win.

Taking great pains not to undermine the plight of these individuals all around the world, the issue comes down to how much you are willing (or capable) of putting up with. Its not easy to leave. My heart goes out to those that are trapped in relationships they are too petrified to exit.

We accept the love we think we deserve.

Don’t suffer in silence.


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