Like-ability is as important as ability.

Nobody’s perfect. We all know that. There are tons of songs to testify the fact, there are tons of flaws we can identify in even those we love the most. Nobody is perfect.

But most flaws we can work past, ignore, bend or adapt to. Most flaws aren’t the be all and end all. But what happens if you lack like-ability?

It’s been proven that people respond positively to those they like. It seems like common sense, really. But when related to a career, its an important factor. Take music for example… Great you can belt out beautiful lyric after beautiful lyric, its all very well and good if you give me goosebumps. But if you stand infront of me on a stage and I don’t like you, I wont buy your album. I’ll download it. Illegally.

People prefer to do business with and buy products from people they like.

It may seem harsh but in reality, its the truth. Take an office job for example… Great, you’re smart and you do all your work on time. But if you are unpleasant, you won’t get promoted. You won’t get invited to networking events. You’re even much less likely to be hired. People prefer to do business with and buy products from people they like.

Your true potential is enhanced by the sum of all the people who like you, and thus would go out of their way to assist you.

Thats not to recommend a fake persona. Thats almost as bad, if not worse. Everyone (to varying degrees) has the ability to detect bullshit. Its to do with the little details, the smile you may give someone upon their arrival into a room. The importance you give them, remembering something they may have told you. Make yourself approachable. The bond you form with your audience, regardless of the fact that you may be on a stage, towering above them, microphone in hand.

Some people manage to form that bond with everyone they meet (and even those they don’t.) Take Steve Jobs for example (may he rest in peace.) For some reason, people felt like they knew him. Thousands have been mourning his demise ever since his untimely passing a few days ago. But he never knew them. He just touched their lives. Similarly Amy Winehouse, she may have had many a flaw, but she was likeable. People related to her.


A few weeks ago I went to watch a singer I had been very excited to see perform. And I left very disappointed. Regardless of excuses the likes of ‘she may have been nervous,’ ‘its one of her first shows.’ I didn’t like her. She stepped onto the stage, did her thing, trout pout permanently attached to the space between her chin and her nose, and then scurried off. She didn’t converse at all with the crowd, she barely smiled. She didn’t talk. In short, she lacked likeability.

Now, will she get far? The answer to that is most probably yes. Because she is supremely talented. But it is undoubtedly the case that she would get further if she was likeable.

So, smile next time. Not doing it may cost you more than you think.


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